Acura Maintenance Minder
Acura Maintenance Minder™

The best way to keep your Acura in tip top shape is to perform regular maintenance by following the factory recommended maintenance schedule. But sometimes life gets in the way and it's easy to forget how many miles we have left until the next scheduled maintenance. Luckily, Acura's advanced algorithm driven Maintenance Minder system here to help.

What is Acura Maintenance Minder™?

Acura service light

Acura Maintenance Minder™ is available on Acura models from 2007 and up. It measures driving style, road conditions, and helps notify you when scheduled maintenance is due. The system works behind the scene to calculate the life common maintenance items, including engine oil, oil and air filter, brakes, tires, coolant, spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, valves, and rear differential fluid. When the vehicle is due for service, a message will display on the dash to alert the driver that maintenance is required. A service code will display alongside the message to indicate the type of maintenance the vehicle needs.

What do the Service Codes mean?

When the system detects that the oil life is at 15%, the Maintenance Minder™ indicator light will appear on the dash. The Information Center will also display the precentage of oil life remaining. You can return to the odometer/tripometer by pressing the Select/Reset knob.

In addition to the oil life, a Service Code will also display a letter and sometimes followed by a number. This indicates the recommended maintenance that can affect the performance of your vehicle.

Oil LifeMessageWhat To Do
15%SERVICE DUE SOONPlan to take vehicle in for scheduled maintenance
5%SERVICE DUE NOWTake vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance
0%SERVICE PAST DUEService is overdue. Take vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance

What you should do when oil life is at 15% or lower

Main Service Codes

AChange oil and oil filter
BReplace engine oil, oil filter, perform front and rear brake inspection, adjust parking brake, and/or inspect other vehicle systems

Sub Service Codes

1The tires needs a rotation service
2Check and potentially replace the air cleaner element, drive belt, dust filter, and pollen
3If equipped, replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid
4Check and potentially replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), water pump, and valves
5The engine coolant is low and/or needs replacing
6If equipped, rear differential fluid is low and/or needs replacing